Performance Business Design collaborates with companies of less than $10 million to make them as successful as the publicly held corporations we meet with weekly.  We do this by measuring their business performance using our 12-Area Performance Check.  Publicly held corporations typically score 70%-90% while companies of less than $10 million rarely score above 50%.  We identify the weak areas and, in a series of weekly meetings, collaborate with management to improve them.  The result is better business performance and higher profits.  Our goal is to see performance increase 10% every two months and profits increase 10% within a year.

Our Webinars for Business Success series describe exactly what we do in client meetings so that you can perform the work on your own.  If you would like further information please contact us with your mailing address and we will send you an information package.

Below are our Webinars for Business Success.  They are made available on our website as they are released.  We publish about one every week.

You can access them by clicking here.

Strategy 1: Your Products and Customers are Defined

Strategy 2: Your Mission Statements are Impressive

Strategy 3: Your Marketing Plan Excites Everyone

Strategy 4: You Have a Website Campaign

Strategy 5: You Launch Sales Campaigns

Strategy 6: Your Social Media Campaign Shines

Strategy 7: Your Brand Image Sparkles

Strategy 8: Your Customer Service is Exemplary

Strategy 9: You Have an Employee Training Program

Strategy 10: Your Efficiency is Cutting-Edge

Strategy 11: You Respond to Changing Markets and Competition

Strategy 12: You Expand Your Business