Smart Keyboard for Android has gotten even better


I’ve been using Smart Keyboard for awhile now.  I like that I can program “omw” to type out “I’m on my way.” and things like that (not the same as autofill that you’re used to).  Or, program “w1” to print out “follow up on 3/2”.  Neato.

Now, the new version is in jet black, with white keys, which looks really cool, even if (like me) you can’t stand dark themes.

Finally, it’s got Google Voice now, a much-improved version of what they had previously (though I even like the previous voice-to-text software they used).

Anyway, if you like your gadgets as I do, check this out.  They have a free version and a Pro version.  I recommend the Pro version, and from memory it doesn’t cost too much.

This is our new unofficial website, BTW.  It hasn’t been put into production yet.Bridles, reins and halters 1507