Platinum Group Metals is One of the High Scoring Companies I’ve Evaluated, and a Good Investment at 81%

We meet weekly with the heads of publicly held companies to evaluate their performance and thus identify those we view have higher than average earnings potential.  When we come across a particularly good publicly held company we release the results for the benefit of stock investors looking for portfolio candidates.

Below is our report on this company:


Platinum Group Metals BPR 17Q4

Oceana Gold, With Huge Resources and Amazing Grades, Scores 83% in Business Performance


Above is the report for this company.
As a service to investors and the publicly held companies we follow, we make available our Business Performance Reports.  These reports are designed to analyze how the business performs, with suggestions on how it may be improved.   Investors looking for promising opportunities can click on the tab Business Performance Reports and Read Investors Looking to Invest in a Top-Performing Business for a list of top-performing publicly held corporations.


The Consulting Staff at Performance Business Design