Performance Business Design Will Help Get You There

Our approach to helping with your start-up is two-fold.  First, to get you a presentation and business plan that you can bring to any financing source and know that you have something that would be considered good even compared to the many publicly held companies we meet with yearly.  Second, your business plan is not only going to serve as your first and second-year roadmap, but you will be developing it with an experienced Wall Street securities analyst, one who has contributed to the successful evolution of companies.

We offer a variety of package plans for start-ups, with flexible pricing plans and package discounts.  Services include:

  • Formal Business Plans
  • Executive Summaries
  • Working Business Plans
  • Registration and licensing
  • Clearance of trademark and patent infringement*
  • Preparation of 3 and 5 year financial projections to determine your expected profits and cash needs
  • Business Feasibility Analysis of your new business idea
  • Industry and Competitive Position analyses to determine your strengths and weakness
  • Help obtaining financing, including co-writing written presentations*

*Performance Business Design and its employees are neither lawyers nor registered securities dealers.  While we can advise and assist in these areas we can not be held responsible for work done thereto.  For work specific to those professions we will refer the client to the proper professional.