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Performance Business Design makes available to you articles on how to craft your own Business Strategy by using the same approach we use with clients.  Every week we publish additional steps, so visit here regularly to find additional steps to the strategy you are trying to implement.  If you have a deadline and need the work within 30 days, contact us for information or to ask about becoming a client.


Note: Strategies shown in black haven’t been made available to the public yet, but are expected to be available within the coming 3 months (6/2016)


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Strategy 1: Your Products and Customers are Defined

Strategy 2: Your Mission Statements are Impressive

Strategy 3: Your Marketing Plan Excites Everyone

Strategy 4: You Have a Website Campaign

Strategy 5: You Launch Sales Campaigns

Strategy 6: Your Social Media Campaign Shines

Strategy 7: Your Brand Image Sparkles

Strategy 8: Your Customer Service is Exemplary

Strategy 9: You Have an Employee Training Program

Strategy 10: Your Efficiency is Cutting Edge

Strategy 11: You Respond Well to Changing Markets and Competition

Strategy 12: You Expand Your Business