How We Increase Your Profits

Our goal is to increase your profits 10%.  We start by assessing your Business Performance Score.  Then, we collaborate to improve weak areas in our 12-Area Performance Check.  These are the 12 areas we’ve determined in our 25 years experience as securities analysts, contribute most to business performance.  Publicly held corporations do them all well.  Businesses of less than $10 million are always weak in several of them, our research shows.  Together, we identify the most promising areas, and then collaborate in a series of weekly meetings, typically 6 or so, to improve them.  The result is, your business performs better and your profits increase.  Our goal is to see them increase 10%.

Our 12-Area Performance Check:
Information on Each of the 12 Areas:

Area 1: Your Products and Customers are defined

Area 2: Your Mission Statements are Impressive

Area 3: Your Marketing Plan Excites Everyone

Area 4: You Have a Website Campaign

Area 5: You Launch Sales Campaigns

Area 6: Your Social Media Campaign Shines

Area 7: Your Brand Image Sparkles

Area 8: Your Customer Service is Exemplary

Area 9: You Have an Employee Training Program

Area 10:Your Efficiency is Cutting Edge

Area 11: You Respond Well to Changing Markets and Competition

Area 12: You Expand Your Business