• <b>We know how successful companies think, sound, and act, and we want you to be one of them.</b>

    We know how successful companies think, sound, and act, and we want you to be one of them.

    Performance Business Design collaborates with businesses of less than $10 million to help increase profits using a structured approach. We start by assessing your business performance and then work to improve, in our 12-Area Performance Check, the weak areas. These are the 12 areas we've determined are the biggest contributors to business success. The result is your business performs at a higher level and your profits increase. Our goal is to see them increase 10%.

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  • <b>“Vision without execution is hallucination” – Henry Ford</b>

    “Vision without execution is hallucination” – Henry Ford

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  • <b>Our goal is to see your profits increase 10%.</b>

    Our goal is to see your profits increase 10%.

    We assess your Business Performance Score and then collaborate with you to bring it to a higher level.

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  • <b>Our security analysts can increase the value of your company.</b>

    Our security analysts can increase the value of your company.

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  • <b>We work with businesses of less than $10m including startups.</b>

    We work with businesses of less than $10m including startups.

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So what would you do about job replacement were you President?

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Recently I shed some fears about the loss of jobs by computers and robots, a fear that is shared by many.

So what would I do about it if I were the President?

The quick answer is “Darned if I know!”.  But as a securities analyst and consultant I’m paid to offer intelligent ideas, so here goes:

1.  I sure would set up a large experienced  Forum or Organization to discuss what to do about the problem of what to do with jobs as they become replaced by automation.

2. While I’m at it, I’d also set up an experienced Forum for discussing the limits of artificial intelligence.  Every tech show, namely This Week in Tech (on the TWIT network) talks about the big question: “Once computers have a lot of power, will they want to get rid of humans”?   While they don’t have power I sure as heck would like to debate the issue at a high level, setting limits if needed.

3. Since I’m President, I only have to worry about 4 or 8 years, thankfully, and not the year 3000 when we are commuting to Mars and living to be 200.  I just have to worry about the loss of jobs from robots like Atlas who can stack factory cartons faster than I can and never get a sore back.   With that, I’d  propose something like “For every 1 automated thing you have to hire 9 workers”.  This would include the automated telephone receptionist, robots, and even automated tele-marketing systems “This is Steve from custom solar panels.  Have we got a deal for you.  Just call this number and we will make your house better than it’s ever been.  <click>”.

That’s a start right?  What are your thoughts?

Michael Emerald, CFA

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For business owners, now is the time to expand or get ready to expand

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Our normalized Economic Performance Index is running north of 50%, at 68%.  A lot of good things are happening right now, and economic statistics show it.  We have a lot of clients who have been doing what they should be doing, but waiting for the time to expand.  Now is the time to do it.  Financing isn’t as tight, either.  Why?  Because the market gave us a scare, but seems to be holding steady, if not recovering.  This tends to make lenders be at ease again and I’d feel comfortable presenting an Investor Presentation right now.


  • If you’re business has it’s ducks in a row, which means we would give it a Business Performance Rating north of 60%, then consider expanding.
  • If you’re business is in the 40%-60% range for performance, consider making an effort to get it north of 60%.  Then, if the economy is still strong, consider expanding.
  • If you don’t know what your Business Performance Score is, contact us and request that a free analysis be done for you.  Results will be posted and sent to you, and we’ll send you information in the mail about how to get your score to where you’d like it.

Michael Emerald, CFA

Business Strategy Consultant