About Our Business Performance Scores and Reports


As a service to the companies we follow, we make available our Business Performance Reports.  These reports are designed to analyze how the business performs.  Note that we are not reviewing the quality of its products and services.  All research comments are meant to be constructive and any negative comments are meant to be of use to improving the area under consideration.  Reports are for the benefit of business owners, not for its customers.  If you are a customer to one of the businesses shown below, we refer you to Yelp.com or AngiesList.com.

Information used was obtained from publicly available sources.  For that reason, clients of Performance Business Design are not shown.  If you are a client and would like to receive a Business Performance Report, we will send you one with notice.  Finally, if you would like your business to be evaluated by Performance Business Design, please send an email to sharonk@performancebusinessdesign.com and we will do so, subject to time availability.


How You Compare to Others In Your Industry


Performance Business Design evaluates many businesses.  To see how your business compares to others in your industry, click here.

Investors Looking to Invest in a Top-Performing Business


If you are an investor interested in investing in top-performing companies we suggest you click on 90%, 80%, or 70%, where you can quickly find the best-of-class businesses.