Chapter 4 From Our Upcoming Book “12 Months to Maximum Business Performance”

At some point we will be releasing our book, “12 Months to Maximum Business Performance”.  But we don’t think you should have to wait. Many of the principles discussed in this book can be applied to your business right now.  Therefore we are releasing, for the benefit of our business community, chapters from the book as it is being written and revised.

Chapter 4

Phase I: Build a Solid Foundation[ME1] 

What We Try to Accomplish This Phase

The first phase of creating a strong company is devoted to building a solid foundation.  Business owners sometimes go awry by adventuring into more conceptual aspects of the business, such as partnering or distribution systems, while ignoring the foundational areas which will be discussed in this chapter.

We start with Your Products and Customers are Defined.  Sounds simple enough and it is, but worth a read nonetheless because too many businesses don’t do a good job with the last word in that sentence, “Defined”.

Next, we move onto Your Mission Statements are Impressive. In this chapter you’ll not only hear why I think you should have them, but also how to construct good ones.  If you’re wondering why I use the plural for mission statements, it’s because there are five types of mission statements.  Whether you should have one of those five, all of them, or somewhere in between is something you’ll determine in that chapter.

Finally, we’ll come to Your Marketing Plan Excites Everyone.  Do you have a Marketing Plan? Most smaller businesses don’t.  Instead, they take advantage of marketing and advertising opportunities as they come along.  Sounds reasonable, but when we discuss marketing plans, you’ll see how much is to be gained by having an annual or semi-annual planning process to create a formal Marketing Plan.  I’ve italicized the word formal because the Marketing Plan is more than a document; it’s a process.

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