For better worse I’ve always been one to go off the deep end fiddling.  While this is HORRIBLE for productivity, it’s wonderful for finding new ways of doing things then cluing in my friends, you, on them.

To start, there are some of you who insist on clean everything: including NO open windows.  You can stop reading right now, because this is for the rest of us.  We’re the ones who keep everything open, right?  Plenty of memory and all I have to do is “click” and this morning’s Word document springs to life next to this afternoons Excel spreadsheet.  But what to do when their are too many of those little boxy things (icons) sitting at the bottom of your screen?


Here’s how. CAVEAT: I’m a consultant, not a trainer, so this is how I do it, not a step-by-step idiot-ready guide.

  1. Click the windows icon in the lower right that says “task view”.
  2. Next, drag anything you want to the second desktop to the second desktop shown at the bottom of your screen after you clicked task view.


To get to whatever you stowed there, click the task view again, then go to the second window.

So what do I put there?

Mostly all the stuff that shouldn’t be on a productive employee’s main window during the day.  My itunes, Spotify, equalizer…they’re on desktop two.

Have a Blast.

Go Crazy.


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