Have you been using it?

I have, love it, and I’ll share what I like about it.

  • While I’m not an expert on Windows 10, I’ve noticed that if there are folders I use a lot, that I can right click on them and select “Pin to Quick Access” and anytime I want that folder, just select Quick Access from File Explorer.
  • Next, when you click on the Windows icon in the lower left, there are a few alternatives for getting to your folders.  Since I recommend using the Quick Access to get to most files, the icon that I find does that CORRECTLY (more on this later) is “file folder”, the tiny icon on the left once you click on the Windows icon on desktop.
  • Quick Access not only keeps frequently used folders handy.  It also lists all the recently used files, and I mean ALL!  When you download a file from the internet, you’ll find it at the top of the Quick Access files.  When you save a file, it’s there at the top of the list.  And, of course, when you open a file, it’s at the top of the list.  So I use the list to access frequently used FILES, as well as folders.

TAKEAWAY: Use Quick Access to access almost all of your files.

Michael Emerald, CFA

Wall Street Analyst

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