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Performance Business Design collaborates with companies of less than $10 million to make them as successful as the publicly held corporations we meet with weekly.  We do this by first measuring their business performance using our 12-Area Performance Check.  Publicly held corporations typically score 70%-90% while companies of less than $10 million rarely score above 50%.  We identify the weak areas and, in a series of weekly meetings, collaborate with management to improve them.  The result is better business performance and higher profits.  Our goal is to see performance increase 10% every two months.

Our Webinars for Business Success series describe exactly what we do in client meetings so that you can perform the work on your own, with your own business.  If you would like further information please contact us with your mailing address and we will send you an information package.

Below is a Webinar for Business Success.  Have a great week.

I’ve Been Using the Windows 10 Quick Access Menu

Have you been using it?

I have, love it, and I’ll share what I like about it.

  • While I’m not an expert on Windows 10, I’ve noticed that if there are folders I use a lot, that I can right click on them and select “Pin to Quick Access” and anytime I want that folder, just select Quick Access from File Explorer.
  • Next, when you click on the Windows icon in the lower left, there are a few alternatives for getting to your folders.  Since I recommend using the Quick Access to get to most files, the icon that I find does that CORRECTLY (more on this later) is “file folder”, the tiny icon on the left once you click on the Windows icon on desktop.
  • Quick Access not only keeps frequently used folders handy.  It also lists all the recently used files, and I mean ALL!  When you download a file from the internet, you’ll find it at the top of the Quick Access files.  When you save a file, it’s there at the top of the list.  And, of course, when you open a file, it’s at the top of the list.  So I use the list to access frequently used FILES, as well as folders.

TAKEAWAY: Use Quick Access to access almost all of your files.

Michael Emerald, CFA

Wall Street Analyst

Performance Business Design

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You Should Examine Your Returns Policy, With the Help of a Recent Harvard Business Review Article

A recent September 2016 article in Harvard Business Review discussed the importance of analyzing and making decisions about the five aspects of a returns policy.  The five aspects were:

  1. Monetary Leniency
  2. Time Leniency
  3. Effort Leniency
  4. Exchange Leniency
  5. Scope Leniency

The article does a great job of explaining each, and I won’t go into it here.  What I will discuss, however, is the importance of bringing this up in a planning meeting to describe where your returns policy stands right now.  Then, ask yourself objectively which of these areas has been problematic for you or your customers.  Next, I want to see you brainstorm alternative return policies.  Moving on, consider the pros and cons of each of these alternatives.  Finally, devise a new returns policy based on your results.

I don’t have to tell you that business success comes at the margin, nowadays, and even something as subtle as a returns policy should be reviewed.  How often?  Ideally, annually.  If you are small and resources are scarce, every two years sounds acceptable to me.

Michael Emerald, CFA

Consultant, Wall Street Securities Analyst



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