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Most interesting to me this week was hearing that the number of supporters who don’t like the candidates they support is an historic high.  Yes, you read that right.  The number of candidates who DON’T LIKE Donald Trump (like me), yet are most likely to vote for him (again like me), is a record.

With good reason.  As one who had been following Donald Trump’s tweets years ago, I recall labeling him as … well …. crazy, and stopped following him.  Now, years later, he’s running for president!

On the other hand, we have Hillary, with a track record of lying and misleading.  But she’s not crazy.

So how should we vote?  My opinion is this.  Namely, that the government is there to regulate the president to some extent.  And while it has the power to regulate possibly bizarre decisions, it has no way of even knowing about a president’s actions if those actions are hidden, lied about, mislead, etc.  In other words, with Trump we always know what we are dealing with.  And if we don’t like it we can do something about it.

But, in general, working with someone who goes to great lengths to conceal is capable of doing damage even without the administration, let alone the public, knowing about it.


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