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I’m not a political pundit, but like one of our front-runners, I am a businessman, and business people know how to prioritize.  We have a lot of issues on the table in the United States.  To me, the most important are:

  • Dealing with ISIS with the objective to reduce terrorism

  • Setting fair trade with other countries

  • Reducing the country’s deficit and with it the outstanding debt

  • Dealing with immigration issues

  • Reducing unfavorable global climate problems

But how do you prioritize these?  Each of these is a monumental task.  Do you focus on the most important of the most important or dilute your efforts across several of them?  Or do you delegate to staff the least important of them?  What would a CEO do?

While no CEO thinks the same, here is what I would do.  I would identify a small set of realistic objectives for each and then put actions in place to achieve those objectives.  What do I mean by realistic?

A realistic objective is one that is clearly defined, has a stated time horizon, and is realistically achievable.  Typically, it won’t be as “giant-step” as one would hope.  For example, “Reduce the government deficit to zero” is defined, but it’s not realistic, nor has a stated time horizon.  “Reduce the government deficit by 5% during 2017” meets all criteria, however.

And so, I would create a palette of realistic objectives, write them in cement, and then activate the necessary resources to get them done.



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