iPass, the world’s largest wifi provider, scores 68% with a product that can benefit corporations

Newport Winery

At Performance Business Design we frequently meet face-to-face with small to mid-sized publicly traded companies with the intention to identify good investments for ourselves and others.  Our heritage is in securities analysis and institutional portfolio management and our Business Performance Reports provide an unbiased critique of all areas of the business with a resultant performance rating.  Part of that analysis includes a valuation and hence the performance rating can be used as an approximate proxy for investment potential.

We make these reports available for the benefit of other investors and as well for management seeking to improve the value of it’s business, including it’s perception in the marketplace.

Below is the report for this company.

iPass 1608

Tri-Community YMCA in Southbridge MA Scores 49% in Business Performance. We Can Get it Into the 60s.

As a service to the companies we follow, we make available our Business Performance Reports.  These reports are designed to analyze how the business performs, with suggestions on how it may be improved.  This is based on our experience working with publicly held corporations.  Note that we are not reviewing the quality of your products and services.  All research comments are meant to be constructive.  Reports are strictly for business owners, not for their customers.

A copy of your report can be obtained by contacting us by phone or emailing info@performancebusinessdesign.com.


The Consulting Staff at Performance Business Design




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