I’m not a political nor criminal expert, but like most of you, I have opinions that I’m willing to share.

I was delighted to find out that the reason I like Trump are the same reason everyone else likes Trump: he represents change to a political system that is no longer working for us.  And while I was thinking “Gee, and I thought I was the only one who thought that way!” you were probably thinking the same thing.  Ends up eight million people were.

So I’m going to take a guess that a few of you are also thinking “These judges and lawyers are living in their own world. Their sentences don’t make sense much of the time.  Small civil crimes result in prison terms, while shocking criminal cases result in light sentences.”

Were you thinking that in the now infamous case of the woman who got raped, unconsciously, by the security guard.  Simply put, as I understand it, a college women was at a party, drank too much, and passed out behind a dumpster.  A security guard found her unconscious, dragged her into an elevator, up to the roof, then raped her.  He didn’t know her.  She didn’t know him.  No date rape here.

The result?  Six months.  The judge didn’t want to “upset his future since he’s young” (paraphrased).  She’s suing that since she was on college property, she wasn’t adequately protected.  The university put in it’s court papers that: “it is not seeking to blame the woman for being raped but challenged her claim that school officials were negligent in their protection of students.” <excerpted from the Boston Globe>  They said that she was partially to blame for her rape.

In essence, someone drinks too much and passes out, and they are partially responsible for a violent crime…against them.  This is what makes it into the court nowadays.  And lawyers will debate it, and the judge will listen, and a jury will deliberate.  And we all know that nowadays there is a likely chance that the court finds HER partially responsible for the crime against her, and the school, who presumably hired the security guard, is innocent.  Again, the case hasn’t been heard, but we all know that nowadays stories like that are in the papers DAILY.  In my opinion they shouldn’t be there AT ALL, so let’s clean up the judicial system by putting people with common sense in there.

Michael Emerald, CFA


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