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The Boston Globe featured an article entitled “Robots Will Take Your Job” (the link is below).  This is what I know: per Jerry Parnell, science fiction writer, such authors have known for years that eventually computers and robots will run everything.  The Globe article estimates that by 2030, half of jobs will be replaced.   According to the Harvard Business Review, everyone is concerned about  how one can stay ahead of the curve and not be replaced by robots.

So here’s my big question, the one not being answered: What’s to be done about this?

Per my respected friend, Doctor Lincoln Rathnam, eventually the government will pay you to perform a social function, such as run a chess club (I like chess) or plant a small community garden (I’ll stick with the chess).  But  are we and the government ready for this?  I hear daily about advances in computers and robots but nary a word about government progress to handle the migration of workers from something… to nothing.

I do know, per an article I read in the Wall Street Journal ages ago that there is an international forum that was put together to talk about this issue and possible limits being put on artificial intelligence.

So, Mom handed me the article, and said “Am I the only one thinking about robots?”  Is she?  What are your thoughts?


Written by Michael Emerald, CFA

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