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BOTTOM LINE: Upgrade to Windows 10 before July 29, while it’s free.  If you’re computer can’t do the upgrade, don’t worry about not having it.

DETAILS: I’ve had Windows 10 running on my laptop since the day it came out.  Other employees have had it more recently.  Initially there were glitches, but Microsoft released a few patches and now it works fine.  My biggest glitch, now resolved, was that I couldn’t see my photos rotate as my desktop wallpaper! Hardly a big glitch.  Microsoft will be removing the free upgrade on 7/29th, after which you’ll have to pay $120 for it.


  1. Windows 10 sometimes has “issues” shutting down.  I’ve seen a few permutations, and in many cases I’ve had to press and hold (I assume you know this trick) the power button, fearing each time that my computer would be permanently messed up.  Not so.  It has issues shutting down about once every 30 or so times that I shut it down.
  2. Next, your computer may not be able to take the upgrade if the driver, or any other system hardware, doesn’t support it.  Don’t fret, since you aren’t missing that much.  It’s good enough to upgrade, but not good enough to go out of your way to get it.

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