Thoughts on what the present election means to business owners

Relaxing Polo Pony

CAVEAT: I’m no political expert,

so here’s my un-expert opinion of what the present election means to us.

As a consultant responsible for the growth in my client’s profits, I like Trump.  Why?  Mostly because, as a businessman, he knows that the flow of money is what keeps this country going.  He knows that the flow of money offshore is what makes this country sink and that when a large chunk of our taxes is being used to pay interest on the government debt, then it’s time to reduce the government debt.   He also knows that we’ve been treated unfairly in foreign trade negotiations.

Trump is focused on the economy, while the Democrats are focused on the individual.  But I would argue, that righting the wrongs of a large government debt, the wrongs of off-shore money flows (companies relocating) and the wrongs of unfair international trade will quickly help EVERY individual.  On the other hand, focusing on the individual won’t cure those larger problems.

What are your thoughts?

Michael Emerald, CFA

Business Strategy Consultant

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