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Recently I shed some fears about the loss of jobs by computers and robots, a fear that is shared by many.

So what would I do about it if I were the President?

The quick answer is “Darned if I know!”.  But as a securities analyst and consultant I’m paid to offer intelligent ideas, so here goes:

1.  I sure would set up a large experienced  Forum or Organization to discuss what to do about the problem of what to do with jobs as they become replaced by automation.

2. While I’m at it, I’d also set up an experienced Forum for discussing the limits of artificial intelligence.  Every tech show, namely This Week in Tech (on the TWIT network) talks about the big question: “Once computers have a lot of power, will they want to get rid of humans”?   While they don’t have power I sure as heck would like to debate the issue at a high level, setting limits if needed.

3. Since I’m President, I only have to worry about 4 or 8 years, thankfully, and not the year 3000 when we are commuting to Mars and living to be 200.  I just have to worry about the loss of jobs from robots like Atlas who can stack factory cartons faster than I can and never get a sore back.   With that, I’d  propose something like “For every 1 automated thing you have to hire 9 workers”.  This would include the automated telephone receptionist, robots, and even automated tele-marketing systems “This is Steve from custom solar panels.  Have we got a deal for you.  Just call this number and we will make your house better than it’s ever been.  <click>”.

That’s a start right?  What are your thoughts?

Michael Emerald, CFA

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