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Our normalized Economic Performance Index is running north of 50%, at 68%.  A lot of good things are happening right now, and economic statistics show it.  We have a lot of clients who have been doing what they should be doing, but waiting for the time to expand.  Now is the time to do it.  Financing isn’t as tight, either.  Why?  Because the market gave us a scare, but seems to be holding steady, if not recovering.  This tends to make lenders be at ease again and I’d feel comfortable presenting an Investor Presentation right now.


  • If you’re business has it’s ducks in a row, which means we would give it a Business Performance Rating north of 60%, then consider expanding.
  • If you’re business is in the 40%-60% range for performance, consider making an effort to get it north of 60%.  Then, if the economy is still strong, consider expanding.
  • If you don’t know what your Business Performance Score is, contact us and request that a free analysis be done for you.  Results will be posted and sent to you, and we’ll send you information in the mail about how to get your score to where you’d like it.

Michael Emerald, CFA

Business Strategy Consultant


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